Short descriptions of houses in astrology

Short descriptions of houses in astrology

Astro Harmony


1st House – Outer personality, Physical appearance, Self

2nd House -Money, Possessions, Resources

3rd House – Early education, Siblings, Communication, Neighbours, Short Trips

4th House – Home, Parents, Inner security, Our roots (where we come from)

5th House – Children, Hobbies, Romance, Joy, Entertainment, Gambling, Creativity

6th House – Work, Service, Small animals, Health

7th House – Relationships, Partnership, Marriage

8th House – Other people’s money/resources, Death, Occult, Inheritance, Sex

9th House – Higher Education, Travel, Philosophy, Faith

10th House – Career, Public role, Vocational job

11th House – Friendships, Luck, Good fortune, Ideas

12th House – Hidden, Self-undoing, Hospitals, Institutions, Prisons, Secrecy, Large animals

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