How to Use Basic Palmistry to Control and Understand Life

How to Use Basic Palmistry to Control and Understand Life

Palmistry uses hand lines, mounts and markings on the palm to link the intentions of our heart with the reasoning of our mind. They give us a step by step recording of an individuals life from birth to death. Palmistry has nothing to do with worldly events, environment or any other such external conditions. Understanding the basics of palmistry can give us a certain amount of control over our lives.

A persons health, diet, daily life encounters and many other inner perspectives are also recorded. These patterns are made up of the lines on hand, mounts or various other markings. The more a person can understand the message in their palms, more in control they can be of their lives. Our hands are a reflection of our soul, they tell us about ourselves.

Some of the major palmistry lines are Lifeline, Heartline, Fate line, Headline, Sunline, Mercury line.


The line of life is considered the most important and supreme line on the hand. It not only predicts our longevity but also other important aspects of our life. The main aspect that this line shows is the person’s life energy force and vitality.

The length and strength of the lifeline, the greater the zest, life energy force and drive in the life of the individual. A break in most of the lines present in the hand can be read as being disruptive, but on the lifeline, it may indicate a complete change in lifestyles, such as a new career, home or a new perspective.

Another piece of information that can be gathered, is in regard to a person’s physical constitution and strength, as well as the probable course their life may take.


The heart line is better known as the curve of creativity and represents a person’s emotional life. It acts as a guide to individuals emotions. It can also indicate whether a person is reserved and cold or warm and giving. As emotions are experiences of our creative self, they change or fluctuate continually.

All the changes in our heart line are represented by breaks, chains etc. Coldness in the personal temperament is indicated if the heart line is long and straight. This line is believed to be a record of both physical conditions of the heart and emotional state of mind.

Smaller fragmented hair-lines coming off the main heart line indicate emotional breakdown that is caused by fear and fatigue.

Fate line

The fate line is also known as the career line or line of Saturn. The fate line gives us information about career and work prospects also. Realization of our goals and a decent standard of living are aspects that depend upon the strength of the fate line.


The headline portrays our mental capacity and intellectual strength. This line also shows the extent and depth of a persons reasoning power, career potential, memory and common sense attributes of a person. The perfect headline is rarely to be found and is slightly curved in the middle.


The sun line, also known as the Apollo line, is said to be a second fate line. A strong sun line is considered favourable and can compensate for a weak fate line. The presence of a sun line boosts the existing fate line.

Mercury Line

The mercury line is better known as the health line of the person. It is placed underneath the fourth finger. The perfect mercury line is one that originates from the mount of Neptune. This indicates that there is perfect digestion and functioning of the stomach allowing good bowel moment, which maintains a clear head and abounding energy, both of which are essential qualities required in business dealings. It is most advantageous to have a missing health line.

From the moment we are born, we bring a map of our life in our hands. These maps contain patterns of power. They are a recording of our life till death. By using this map, basic palmistry and our gift of free will, we can become masters of our own destiny.

This article was written by Sandip Raj

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