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There are certain aspects and habits of our life, such as making New Year’s resolutions and astrology, which have sparked a lot of questions every day. If persons take a deeper look into some of the traditions they would realize an astrology theory which will show that at the beginning of the year is the time to make new goals. Therefore, you will find the connection with regards to Capricorn astrology and resolutions at New Year.

A new year takes place during the gathering of Capricorn, which is classified as the natural sign for goal making. On the twenty-first of December, the northern hemisphere witnesses the end of some very long nights and a celebration for the returning of the sun, which simply means the start of the astrological year. Therefore, this is the time when most people feel disciplined and have this great urge to set goals under the planet of Saturn which rules the sign Capricorn.

This reasoning has also left people with questions, as most times the resolutions that were made at the beginning of the year were broken in a matter of weeks. The answer that is given by the experts is that the planets were not aligned to give the particular results and this cause most people to break their goals. It is believed that the best time to make the resolutions is on the day of the new moon under the Capricorn sign. This moon can appear on any date between the 21st of December and the 19th of January.

The planet of mercury is said to be conservative on the 26th of December, so any commitments that are made during this time would work if you want to finish a goal that is incomplete. However, if you can reinforce this goal again during the new moon under the Capricorn sign, this will produce positive results because mercury would be moving on the same day. If it is also possible, try to make goals for things that are more meaningful than the little routines in our everyday life.

To put it in simpler forms, your goals should have force, intensity and passion for the things that you want, instead of just a very great idea that you think will work. The reason for this is that three weeks into the New Year the majority of the resolutions are usually conked out because the Sun comes into the Aquarius sign. At this time, people are free and can do anything that they really desire. So, if you did not have the strong inclination to “lose weight or sign up for a diploma course” or anything else that you set the goals for, it will not happen during the Aquarian pulsation if the commitments were weak.

As a result, it is safe to say that if you make promises which are not genuine, then based on the Capricorn astrology and resolutions for the New Year, this personal independence that you think you want will not happen. The sign of Capricorn is not about things that you should be doing for a particular year, as the energy has more connection for discipline and goals that a person really needs.

This article was written by Colin Scott.

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